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Find the Best Flight Deals to Iguazú (IGR)

Interesting facts about Iguazú

Located on the border of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, Puerto Iguazú’s natural splendour and Argentinian charm draw and delight travellers from around the world. Book your flight to Puerto Iguazú with Air Europa today and enjoy gourmet seasonal meals and onboard Wi-Fi.

Things to Do in Puerto Iguazú

  • Explore Hito Tres Fronteras, also known as the Triple Frontier. Witness sweeping views and see where the mighty Paraná and Iguazú rivers meet. Hike to the obelisk and attend the light show.
  • Visit the hyacinth macaws at Güirá Oga, a 20-hectare (49.4-acre) wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre. Watch butterflies flit amongst 100-year-old trees and learn about their efforts to preserve native habitats and endangered wildlife.
  • Discover the works of Rodolfo Teófilo Allou at Museo Imágenes de la Selva, a rainforest museum. View wood carvings that depict local life while you hear tales about authors Jorge Cafrune and Horacio Quiroga.
  • Go to La Casa de Botellas, a unique home constructed entirely from recycled materials. See windows made from CD cases, walls built out of plastic bottles, and the tetra pack roof.

Iguazú National Park, Home of Iguazú Falls

Named one of the Seven Wonders of Nature for its 275 waterfalls, Iguazú National Park’s Atlantic forest is home to toucans, great dusky swifts, and coatis. Jaguars, ocelots, and jaguarundi prowl the forests where American tapirs and anteaters live. Best known for its stunning scenery, the park’s biodiversity includes half of Argentina’s known bird species, making it a birdwatcher's paradise.

  • Stroll along the higher circuit where you’ll find runways and lookouts, offering a scenic view of the falls. See the Devil’s Throat, a towering 80-metre (262.4-feet) waterfall.
  • As the day grows warmer, head to the lower circuit. Experience the falls’ true majesty and overwhelming scale as the water pounds against the rocks. Be warned! You will get wet.
  • Explore the trails and keep your eyes open for rare animals, orchids and butterflies.
  • Take the jungle train to the Visitor Centre.

Best Time to Visit Puerto Iguazú

Since Puerto Iguazú enjoys year-round warm temperatures, you can visit anytime. If you prefer mild temperatures, visit between late April and June. Don’t forget your umbrella and begin your adventure into the rainforests surrounding Puerto Iguazú.

Getting Around Puerto Iguazú

Catch a municipal bus to travel to – and from – most destinations. Most restaurants will be within walking distance of your hotel. You can also call a taxi.

Fly to Puerto Iguazú with Air Europa today and discover its awe-inspiring waterfalls and pristine rainforests. Don’t forget to join Air Europa’s SUMA loyalty programme so you can reserve your favourite seat!

Weather in Iguazú

Saturday light rain
30°C 24/10/2020
Sunday sky is clear
34°C 25/10/2020
Monday very heavy rain
25°C 26/10/2020
Tuesday scattered clouds
28°C 27/10/2020
Wednesday light rain
33°C 28/10/2020
Thursday heavy intensity rain
26°C 29/10/2020
Friday sky is clear
23°C 30/10/2020
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