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A small nation with a rich history, Lebanon boasts fascinating ruins, delicious cuisine, pretty beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, and a friendly multi-cultural population. To visit yourself and make the most of this wonderfully diverse country, book your flight to Lebanon with Air Europa, and make sure to join our Air Europa SUMA programme to earn points for exclusive discounts and upgrades.

Reasons to Visit Lebanon

  • Beirut (BEY): Visit the Lebanese capital and you’ll find excellent shopping in Verdun and Hamra, as well as a thriving café culture and energetic night scene, a mixture of historic mosques and churches, and diverse museums and art galleries. These include the National Museum of Beirut and the former palace that is now the Sursock Museum. Landmarks include the natural stone archway of Pigeon Rocks in Raouché, and the Martyrs’ Monument. City parks, like Horsh Beirut and the lovely Sanayeh Garden, are ideal for some peaceful downtime.
  • Jounieh: Bask on long sandy beaches, soak up the gorgeous views from the cable car, and experience the vibrant nightlife in this city by the sea.
  • Jeita Grotto: Explore huge underground caverns, carved by nature, and take a boat trip through these impressive caves. The surrounding area has several other note-worthy sites, including the monuments of Nahr al-Kalb, an artificial waterfall, and the lush valley.
  • Baalbek: Marvel at Lebanon’s most impressive archaeological site as you explore mighty ruins from the Roman era. You can also relax in one of the outdoor shisha bars in the summertime.
  • Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve: See an array of flora and fauna and hike in nature.
  • Sidon: Enjoy a seaside break in the summer months, relaxing on sandy beaches and swimming in the sea. Crusaders Sea Castle provides great views of the area, and other popular local attractions include the Great Mosque and the ruins of the Phoenician-era Eshmun Temple.

Food and Drink in Lebanon

Lebanese cuisine shares much in common with other countries in the Mediterranean region. Olives, olive oil, chickpeas, seafood, and fresh fruits and vegetables are common ingredients. Mezze is the term used for several small dishes that are eaten with bread and shared between a group. Hummus, stuffed vine leaves, and various salads are common. Manakish is a pizza-type dish, falafel is deep-fried balls of ground chickpeas, mujaddara comprises cooked lentils with either rice or bulgur wheat with various spices, and kibbeh is balls of ground and fried lamb. Lebanon makes tasty wine, and other popular drinks include the yoghurt-based ayran and jallab, made from date syrup, rose water, and grapes.

The Best Time to Visit Lebanon

With hot summers and cold winters, spring and autumn are generally considered the best times, weather wise, to visit Lebanon. July and August are generally the driest months. The peak tourist season is between July and September.

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