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Although the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico (SJU) is an independent territory of the U.S.A., the culture is unlike that anywhere else in the country. However, American influences make it different to other Caribbean islands. It’s a unique island with plenty of natural attractions and activities, glorious beaches, colonial heritage and Air Europa flights to Puerto Rico are very affordable.

What to Do in Puerto Rico

  • Wander the colonial streets of the UNESCO-listed Old San Juan and admire historic sites like El Morro Fort, San Juan Cathedral, the City Hall, San Cristóbal Fort and Fortaleza.
  • Experience San Juan’s modern side in the casinos, restaurants and bars, and play golf on numerous excellent courses.
  • Gaze in wonder at the bioluminescent bays at Vieques and Fajardo.
  • Bask on sandy beaches and swim in clean waters. Some of Puerto Rico’s best beaches include Condado, Flamenco, Rincón, Sucia, La Chiva and Guánica. Snorkelling, fishing, whale-watching trips and scuba diving are popular water-based activities.
  • Hike in El Yunque rainforest to see an array of flora and fauna and soak up the vistas from Yokahú Tower.
  • Tour historic tobacco, sugar cane and coffee plantations.
  • Explore the expansive cave system at Río Camuy Cave Park, riding a trolley bus deep into a sinkhole to see interesting rock formations and rivers flowing through the chambers.

Food in Puerto Rico

With influences from the indigenous peoples, European colonisers, African slaves and the U.S.A., Puerto Rico’s cuisine is diverse. One of the most popular dishes to try is “mofongo” – mashed plantain with a huge variety of fillings. The Caribbean favourite of beans with rice is made differently in Puerto Rico by the addition of sofrito tomato sauce, olives, tomatoes, peppers and ham. “Pastelón” is a filling dish of sweet and ripe plantains layered with beef, similar to a lasagna. “Sancocho” is a filling stew with meat, potato and plantain, and tasty seasoned pinto beans make an appearance in many local dishes.

The Weather in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico flights are easy to book to this year-round destination, though temperatures do vary throughout the year. Some months are drier and sunnier than others. The coolest month is January, with an average temperature of 25 °C. The hottest month is June. November sees the most rainfall, while the summer months are typically dry. Spring and autumn are prime times for a visit, when the weather is warm and pleasant but not uncomfortably hot. Additionally, October has the most hours of sunlight.

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