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Compare Cheap Flights to Russia

Compare Cheap Flights to Russia

Visit Russia

The biggest country in the world, Russia is a true land of contrasts. Because it spreads across Europe and Asia, several ethnic groups call the country home and the landscapes are diverse. In terms of natural beauty, highlights include the world’s largest freshwater lake as well as expansive mountain ranges and long stretches of coastline. Famous for ballet, literature, vodka, the Trans-Siberian Railway, and more, Russia offers visitors a treasure trove of incredible sights. Discover its marvels by booking flights to Russia on Air Europa’s official website today!

What to Visit in Russia

  • Moscow (SVO): Explore Europe’s second largest city and be captivated by its many wonders. From the ornate St. Basil’s Cathedral and the striking architecture of the Kremlin to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre, and the trendy, verdant Gorky Park, Moscow has plenty to see and do.
  • For architecture enthusiasts, St. Basil’s Cathedral is undoubtedly worth taking the time to experience. Located in the Red Square of Moscow, this visual masterpiece will take your breath away. Consisting of nine separate chapels, St. Basil’s Cathedral is now a museum.
  • The Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden (Jardín de los Boticarios) offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city. Founded in 1706, the garden is an enticing feast of colours, smells and sounds.
  • For something truly unique, visit the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. This nostalgic museum displays an exciting collection of arcade machines that were produced in the USSR as far back as the 1970s. Take a trip back in time and see if you can spot any games you recognise from your childhood!
  • While away the hours inside Russia’s most famous department store, GUM. With a glorious interior and over 200 upscale boutiques, you’ll quickly discover why this place holds such prestige.

Russian Cuisine

Russian food is hearty and filling. In particular, indulge in the many types of soup, including the ever-popular borshch, made from beets; the fish-based ukha; and the sour solyanka with many meats and vegetables. Moreover, try pirozhki dumplings for a satisfying treat; they are stuffed with meat, potato, cheese or vegetables. Whether you like sweet or savoury, you can find both in blinis. In addition, Russian is known for its fish dishes and caviar. Last but not least, beef stroganoff is typically served with rice, pasta or potatoes for a full meal that keeps you going.

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