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Travelling in economy with Air Europa is more comfortable: good space between seats, menus for different dietary types and quality entertainment.


  • For more comfort on board you can book your seat in advance from 4 eur / usd / gbp / chf.
  • You can book your seat online from the moment you make the reservation up to 48 hours before departure. Book your seat now.
  • Check out the advantages to reserve a seat for free being part of the Suma program.


Visit our new online in-flight shopping
Discover our new online onboard sales service at Skyshop and enjoy a 20% discount on all your purchases

Our in-flight sales catalogue includes a range of exclusive suggestions to meet your needs when travelling. This is offered on charter flights lasting more than two hours and intercontinental flights.


We offer our passengers a range of national and international newspapers and a selection of magazines. We provide a carefully-chosen selection of audiovisual entertainment to make your flight more enjoyable, including documentaries, series, music and movies.


On short flights, we offer content designed for the flight.


On long journeys, passengers can choose movies, series and documentaries. These are different on the outward and return journeys.

Wifi on Board

How to connect

By satellite connection, our passengers can now find all the information available on the network, access social networks, shop or check their email during the flight:

  • Do NOT deactivate “aircraft mode” and connect to the WiFi network “Ontheair”.
  • Open your browser and go to
  • Create your account and select the desired plan.



Streaming on board



Air Europa welcomes a new on-board service: the installation of the Streaming system on the Airbus 330 fleet. This system offers passengers personal and customised entertainment which allows them to down a wide variety of audio-visual material to their mobile phones: films, thematic television channels, games and the Moving Map.

To enjoy the STREAMING SERVICE passengers need to download the "On the Air" app onto their mobile devises before the flight (available in Apple Store or Google Play Store).


•    1. - The content can only be viewed in the app once the plane has taken off.
•    2.- Flight mode must remain on
•    3.- You need to connect to the "Ontheair" WiFi network
•    4.- Open the browser and go to
•    5.- Select “Entertainment” in the upper menu.
•    6.- Select what you would like to view.


The streaming service is completely FREE and it is separate from our on board WiFi service.

The content will be regularly updated with recent films, games and new documentaries, travel and lifestyle shows, etc.


The streaming service has been installed in almost all of our Airbus 330s and it will soon be available on the whole fleet.