Important information

Flights cancelled to/from Peru, by ministerial resolution, until 07/01/21.

Due to the closure of passenger traffic due to the pandemic, in some countries in the Americas we have been forced to replace scheduled operations scheduled for September with special flights from and to Peru. Below, you can consult all the flights and the operation dates of each special flight:

Special Flights

Below, you can consult all the flights and the operation dates of each special flight:



UX175 Madrid Lima Flights: 6, 13 December 23:55h 05:55h Operational
UX176 Lima Madrid Flights: 5, 8, 15 December 19:30h 13:15h Operational
UX175 Madrid Lima Flights: 20, 27 December 23:55h 05:55h **Pending approval
UX176 Lima Madrid Flights: 22, 29 December 19:30h 13:15h **Pending approval
UX175 Madrid Lima Flights: 8 January 23:55h 05:55h **Pending approval
UX176 Lima Madrid Flights: 10 January 19:30h 13:15h **Pending approval

*Local time in the country.

**Flights subject to government approvals.



Important information

Since 30 November 2020, when DS 184-2020-PCM was published, informing of the repeal of DS 045-2020-PCM (which authorised the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send the official list of Peruvian and foreign nationals travelling on repatriation/special flights), special flights have been open to all migratory statuses applicable before 16 March 2020 (pre-covid), including the application of unilateral visa exemption agreements and regimes.

You must submit a PCR test with a negative result that has been performed no more than 72 hours prior to boarding the flight.

It is mandatory to wear a mask and face shield or protective glasses throughout the flight.


Registration with the consulate is not required.

You can book through any Air Europa sales channel or through your travel agent.

Once your reservation has been confirmed, you must fill in and submit the following sworn statement and geolocation authorisation within 72 hours before boarding the flight using the QR code. If you have any doubts about how to complete the affidavit, we provide you with this document where you will find instructions that can help you.




It will not be possible to embark without presenting the corresponding QR code (digital or printed) obtained after completing the form of the Affidavit.


Consult here the specific recommendations and regulations for travelling to Peru.

You can check flights to other destinations at

We also provide you with information on regulations, restrictions and specific measures for entering and leaving the country you are travelling to:

Regulations and Restrictions

Recommendations before traveling

If you already have a flight scheduled for these destinations you will receive an e-mail where we propose to change your reservation to a new date, follow the steps indicated in the e-mail to manage your change.

If, on the other hand, you wish to postpone your flight but have not decided on a date for your trip, you can request a VOUCHER for the amount of the flight to be used for one year here.

If you have any doubts about the status of your reservation or if it has been affected, check here the status of your reservation.

We remind you that the rest of the long haul flights, on regular flights to America, continue to operate normally to Guayaquil, Miami, New York, Quito, San Pedro Sula, Santo Domingo and Sao Paulo. Check availability at .

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Flight status

If your flight is scheduled to operate in the next 48h we recommend checking the status of your flight.

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Manage your reservation

In some of our flights, operational changes may continue to occur, we recommend that you check the status of your flight from the Manage your Reservation section and update your contact information in case we need to contact you.

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Travel recommendations and regulations

At Air Europa we work to inform you about the new measures and recommendations you need to travel. Here you can review the new regulations and download the entry forms for the different countries.

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