Hotel Partners

Air Europa Hotels and Expedia Group

Exchange and earn miles simply with your Air Europa SUMA card.

The Expedia Group provides Air Europa customers with the Air Europa Hotels platform (powered by to make hotel reservations on five continents. Through this platform, Air Europa SUMA members can earn SUMA Miles on all accommodation booked through the Expedia Group. Expedia offers a wide range of hotels so you can find the perfect hotel for all your travel needs.

Air Europa Hotels is an official Air Europa SUMA Partner, solely valid for exchanging or redeeming SUMA Miles.

Earning SUMA Miles:

To earn SUMA Miles when booking with the Expedia Group through Air Europa Hotels (powered by, you must indicate your Air Europa SUMA card number or be signed in when accessing the booking service. You will be informed of the price and the Miles you will earn during the booking process. In this way, you can see the price of the hotel and the number of SUMA Miles that you would receive if you chose that hotel.

You will earn 5 SUMA Miles for each euro (€) spent.

For purchases made with dollars, pounds sterling or other currencies, the euro exchange rate at the time of the booking will apply. The same exchange rate will be fixed for the euro. 

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The Miles earned for each booking will be credited to your SUMA account 2 to 3 days after you leave the hotel. In addition, the Miles shall only be credited to the Air Europa SUMA cardholder, provided that they have provided their SUMA number during the booking process.

  • The person who makes the booking does not have to be the person who uses the hotel service.
  • Miles cannot be awarded retroactively if you did not provide your SUMA number at the time of purchase.
  • A SUMA client can book up to eight rooms in the same hotel or for the same dates. If this reservation number is exceeded for the same hotel or the same dates, Air Europa Hotels (powered by may cancel those bookings and charge a cancellation fee (if applicable). If you have already paid a non-refundable deposit, you will lose that deposit.
  • In the event that the client decides to extend their stay directly at the hotel, the price paid for the extension of the stay will not generate SUMA Miles, unless this extension is made via the same booking platform.
  • If you travel for business purposes and select the "Pay now" option (if available), you will not receive a tax invoice for the booking, except in the case of hotels located in the Canary Islands and certain jurisdictions in the United States. If you choose the "Pay in the hotel later" option, the hotel will issue a tax invoice during your stay. 
  • The SUMA Mile redemption service is not available for Air Europa Hotels (powered by

For more information, please contact: 

  • Air Europa Hotels Customer Service on 918 36 21 19.
  • SUMA Customer Service Line: ​​​​​​​