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Benefits of travelling in Business on board

Relax in our Business Seats while enjoying a good film accompanied by a sophisticated meal.

Business Class seats

Air Europa continues to make progress in renewing its long-haul fleet with the progressive incorporation of 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners until 2022.

Flat Bed (787 Dreamliner)

  • By reclining the seat into the flat bed position, our passengers can rest fully horizontal.
  • The seats are made of fabric instead of leather for added comfort.
  • Individual entertainment system.
  • The tray tables are stored in the central console and are easy to take out. Furthermore, they have an added feature that, depending on the situation, allows the passenger to get up from the seat without having to fold the table away.
  • Fold-down armrests, which make it easier to access the seat if necessary.
  • Height-adjustable headrests.
  • Additional space for storing water bottles, headphones, newspapers and other personal items.
  • The reading light has up to 3 lighting settings.
  • It has an outlet for charging laptops, tablets and other devices, as well as a USB jack.

Reclining Seats (737)

  • Significant reclining for greater comfort and rest.

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Book your extra baggage with Air Europa

Whether your fare includes checked baggage or not, you can easily add extra baggage with Air Europa. You will only need the booking reference or ticket number and the surname of the person travelling. 



Book your baggage

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Upgrade to Business class

Are you a SUMA customer and are travelling in Tourist class? Try our Business class at a very special price.

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Check-in time limit

The time limit for checking in, unless otherwise specified (Lima: 90 min, Caracas: 120 min) will be a minimum of 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of intercontinental flights and 45 minutes for all domestic and European flights.

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