Board using your face

Biometric boarding

Now you can get your boarding card using facial recognition

Board without documentation or boarding pass

Forget about searching for your ID, passport, or boarding pass, because with the facial recognition system, everything is easier.

  1. You arrive at the airport ready to board your flight to your destination. But wait, where is your documentation? Don't worry, because with the biometric system, your face is the only key you need. Head straight to security, and instead of rummaging through your backpack for the boarding pass, just smile at the camera. Abracadabra! You're ready to go.
  2. Let's continue the journey: Without long lines, you proceed to the waiting area. Fancy a coffee before takeoff? Of course! Stop by the café without worrying about losing your place in the boarding queue. Your face is your access ticket.
  3. Finally, it's time to board. Walk to the boarding gate with the confidence of a magician who knows he has the perfect trick. The camera recognizes you, the gate opens, and voilà, you're ready to board the plane without even pulling out a piece of paper.

In summary, biometric boarding is not just a technological improvement, it's the gateway to a hassle-free journey. So relax, enjoy the flight, and get ready to land at your destination with a smile, because at Air Europa, the magic begins before takeoff.



      2.Enter your data


      3.Register your face

Don't forget to...

  • It is necessary for you to have the Air Europa app, the AENA app, or to have enrolled in an airport facial recognition kiosk to register and be able to check-in.
  • You can skip the queue at security control and at the boarding gate according to the preference order.
  • This service is available at some airports in Spain.
  • Even if you go through biometric boarding, you must always carry all the documentation with you.

Download the Air Europa app to complete the biometric boarding process


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