Redeem Miles at Treedom

Treedom is the first website that allows you to plant a tree from a distance and follow the story of the project online.

Since its creation in 2010, more than 3,000,000 trees have been planted in Africa, Latin America and Asia. All the trees are planted directly by local farmers and provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


Choose a tree. A farmer will plant it in their country and take care of it. Your tree will be photographed and geolocated. You can also give it a name.

Follow its story. Your tree will have its own online page where you will discover its characteristics and follow the story of the project.

You will be supporting farming communities. The fruit of your tree will belong to the farmer, who will look after it and use it for food or to supplement their income.

You'll be helping make the planet greener. As your tree grows, it will protect the soil and promote reforestation and biodiversity.

Don't miss the opportunity to use your Miles to plant a tree in the AIR EUROPA SUMA FOREST.

•Use your Suma Miles to help reforest the planet.

•You can redeem your Miles to buy yourself a tree or gift one.

•You can plant several trees and give them to a friend or colleague in just a few simple steps.

You can give the gift to anyone. They don't have to be an Air Europa Suma customer.

•The tree can have whatever name you want. You can name it, see its location, and follow the story of the project it's a part of.

Treedom will let you know how the project is going, which community will take care of your tree, and you will even get a photo when it's planted in the soil.

Visit the Air Europa Suma Forest HERE



                              2,500 Suma Miles = 1 TREE


Suma Miles can only be redeemed by logging in to the Air Europa website.

1. Request your code to get your tree

2. We will send you an email with your redeemable Treedom code.

Important: The code will be sent to the email address you are registered with at Air Europa Suma.

3. You can access the Air Europa Suma Forest to select your tree directly from the email or by clicking HERE

4. Enter the redeemable Treedom code to plant your tree and follow the instructions.