Mobility assistance

To the plane door or to your seat? You decide what assistance you need.

At Air Europa, we have agreements with assistance companies at all airports where we operate our flights to offer you the best assistance service, should you need it, free of charge. You can request it by clicking here or by calling the Customer Service and specifying as many details as possible, such as reduced mobility, number of companions, etc.

We recommend that you arrive at least 2 hours before of the flight's departure. It must be requested at least 48 hours before the flight departure time.


Types of assistance

You decide the type of assistance you wish to have:

  • Wheelchair for long distances: we accompany you in a wheelchair from check-in to the aircraft door and vice versa. Guests will not have to climb and/or descend stairs.
  • Wheelchair to the door of the aircraft:  we assist you when navigating long distances, as well as climbing and descending the stairs of the aircraft. Once on the aircraft, you can reach your seat without assistance.
  • Complete wheelchair: we assist you from check-in to your seat.

If you have flights with multiple airlines, you will need to contact the operating company of each flight to confirm the assistance for all flights

We offer you the amenities and information you need to transport your own wheelchair or other mobility device. In addition to your baggage allowance, you can carry two mobility devices (wheelchairs, walkers, walking sticks, crutches or other orthopaedic devices) completely free of charge.

To make it easier for us, we ask that you please bring the following completed form with you:

Informational document

Carriage and storage on the aircraft

To reduce the risk of damage to your mobility aid, the following size and weight restrictions will apply:

Aircraft model B787 / A330 737-800 E195 ATR
Height 90 cm / 35.1" 84 cm / 32.8" 84 cm / 32.8" Contact customer Service
Width 90 cm / 35.1" 100 cm / 39" 100 cm / 39"
Length 125 cm / 48.8" 125 cm / 48.8" 125 cm / 48.8"
Weight 150 kg / 330 lb 150 kg / 330 lb 150 kg / 330 lb

On our aircraft, mobility devices have priority over any other transported item. If, due to size restrictions, it cannot be stored in the cabin, it will be stored in the aircraft hold. Nevertheless, it can be kept during boarding at the aircraft door, where it will be delivered to the Air Europa coordinator. Upon the conclusion of the flight, we will hand over the mobility aid when you exit the aircraft.

Information about wheelchair batteries

To help us transport your wheelchair, please contact our Customer Service Department to notify us of the type of battery installed.


Non-spillable wet, nickel-metal hydride or dry battery

The wheelchair will be in a vertical position with the battery attached securely to the mobility aid and the terminals protected against short circuits. If it cannot travel vertically, the battery must be properly removed and protected to prevent any accidental activation, as per the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Passengers may carry one replacement battery.


Spillable wet battery

The battery must be attached securely to the mobility aid, which must be transported vertically. The terminals will be protected against short circuits. If it cannot fly in the aforementioned position or provide the appropriate protection for the batteries, the battery will be removed and stored in a rigid package that is impervious to the battery's liquid.


Liquid ion batteries

Non-folding devices

  • Batteries must remain installed on the device.
  • There is no maximum limit of Wh for the battery installed in the wheelchair or mobility aid.

Folding devices

If your wheelchair or mobility aid is specifically designed to allow the batteries to be removed, please follow these instructions:

  • Remove all lithium batteries as per the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Protect the batteries you have removed to prevent a short circuit: cover exposed terminals with insulation tape.
  • Place the batteries individually in a protective bag and carry them with you in your hand luggage to prevent them from being damaged.
  • The maximum battery power is 300 Wh or, if the device uses two batteries, 160 Wh each.

In addition, passengers are allowed to carry a spare battery of up to 300 Wh or two spare batteries of up to 160 Wh each.

Onboard assistance

Our cabin crew are qualified to guarantee your safety and comfort on board. They can help you use the aircraft's wheelchair, as well as store or reach hand luggage, identify food from the food tray and open packages.

However, cabin crew members are not authorised to help passengers eat, use the bathroom or perform personal hygiene activities. They will not be able to provide medical services such as injections. If your health condition requires other people to provide you with this type of assistance, you must travel with a trained companion.

Damage report

If you detect any damage or deterioration caused to your mobility aid during your flight, please inform an Air Europa staff member while at the airport.

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