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Boasting the highest waterfall in the world, a stretching coastline along the Caribbean Sea, gushing rivers, a rich biodiversity, soaring mountains, many beautiful islands, and warm welcoming people, Venezuela is an enchanting land. Book your flights to Venezuela with Air Europa on our official website and get the best deals to make the most of this vibrant country.

Highlights of Venezuela

Spend a few days discovering the Venezuelan capital, Caracas (CCS). A major attraction is La Casa Natal de Simón Bolívar, the birthplace of Simón Bolívar, a South American hero who played a huge role in the independence of South American nations. Visit the Panteón Nacional (National Pantheon), to see his burial site. For glorious vistas, ride the cable car up to the top of the mountains in El ÁvilaNational Park, which overlooks Caracas, or admire art in Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas and later stroll through the charming colonial streets of El Hatillo.

Main Venezuela Festivals

The lively Festival de la Virgen de Coromoto, celebrated in September, is a religious celebration in honour of the country’s patroness with a parade that includes a gigantic net that people are thrown into, to symbolise lives that have been saved because of baptism rituals. In March, El Día de San José reflects the country’s colonial heritage. Carnaval, at the start of Lent, is vivacious and colourful, with parades, music, singing and dancing, bright beads, and lots of street parties. Holy Week is also very animated. In June, coastal areas celebrate Fiesta de San Juan with a combination of religious activities and energetic partying. In addition to Christmas festivities, December sees the Fiesta de San Benitoand Día de Los Inocentes.

Travel Tips for Venezuela

Brush up on your Spanish skills to make conversing with locals easier. Learn about the parallel currency exchange system and seek help from a trustworthy third party, such as a hotel owner, to help you get the best deals and exchange rates. Plan ahead; book hotels and trips at least a few days in advance. Keep in mind that you may need a tour guide to visit many of Venezuela’s natural attractions.

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