Electronic devices

Information about the safety measures and use of electronic devices during flight.

Terms and Conditions

Any device that transmits or receives communications must remain in "Flight Mode". If your device does not have "Flight Mode", it must be turned off for the duration of the flight.

The following table shows the different flight stages in which you can use different electronic devices:

Permitted electronic devices Seat belt buckle turned on Seat belt buckle turned off
Mobile phones
MP3 players
Electronic games
Electronic books
DVD/CD players
Bluetooth devices
Personal cameras
Medical equipment
Electronic cigarettes


Keeping in mind the above, all electronic devices must be switched off when indicated by the crew.

Security measures on flights to/from the USA

In compliance with the requirements of the US authorities, from 29 July 2014, all Air Europa flights to/from the United States will be subject to additional security measures than those already in force.

The new security measures concern electronic devices contained in hand luggage: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

During the inspection, the security personnel may request you to remove the devices from their cover and check that the devices are turned on correctly. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to take them on board.

We recommend that you ensure that all devices have sufficient battery to turn them on during inspection; furthermore, devices that are inside a protective cover must be removed from the cover for inspection. If the electronic device cannot be removed from the protective cover, it will NOT be admitted on board.

We recommended that you do not carry damaged devices in hand luggage, as these will not be admitted on board.

These new security measures have been issued by the TSA, Transportation Security Administration, an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security, which manages security systems at airports.

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