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Bolivia has one of the most varied landscapes in the world. This fortunate country boasts many natural wonders including parts of the Andes, the Atacama Desert and the Amazon Basin rainforest so it has more beautiful sights on offer than most countries! Join Air Europa on our Bolivia flights and make the journey aboard one of our comfortable and modern aircraft. Book your flights on our official website today!

Destinations in Bolivia

Start your trip to Bolivia at Santa Cruz de la Sierra (VVI), the capital city and main commercial district of the Santa Cruz department in Eastern Bolivia. This historic city dates back to the 1500s. The main history and architecture can be seen at Plaza 24 de Septiembre in the centre of the old town. The city is an explosion of art, colour and life so you can enjoy all-night parties or relaxed days exploring this cultural city. Santa Cruz is a gateway to other destinations in Bolivia so once you’ve finished exploring the city, you can fly from here to La Paz. This city has an unbelievable backdrop of the snow-capped, 6,438-metre-high Mt. Illimani. You can travel to the peak by the aerial cable car known as ‘Mi Teleférico’ for panoramic views.

Other cities sure to offer you a taste of Bolivia’s indigenous and Hispanic roots include La Paz (LPB) further to the northwest, and Cochabamba (CBB) or Sucre (SRE) toward the south.

Bolivian Attractions

There are plenty of attractions in Bolivia that are worth extending your trip. A two-hour trip away from La Paz, take a drive along Yungas Road, which has been dubbed as ‘the most dangerous road in the world’. This thin track hugs the mountainside over a sheer drop of 4,572 m. Bolivia is also home to several national parks whose distance requires longer drives, including the Madidi National Park. If you have the time, be sure to tour at least one to admire amazing species both from the Andes and the Amazon.

Visiting Bolivia

Most of Bolivia is very highly elevated which means that is has no weather protection. You’ll find that it is very hot and humid during the day and very cold at night, so you’ll need to prepare for all temperatures. November to April is the summer in Bolivia, however, this is also the wet season. In the lowlands of Bolivia it can rain incessantly. The peak season for tourists is May to October but it can be very busy during this time. October and November are often the best months to travel to Bolivia because the weather is pleasant and the crowds start to leave.

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