Are you thinking about your 2023 Easter holidays? 


Take advantage of our incredible Easter Week flight offers to plan your next trip to Air Europa destinations. Easter is the ideal time to boost your energy after the long winter, and recharge your batteries before the long awaited summer season.  It's also a perfect opportunity to travel with children, go on a romantic getaway, or take a trip with friends. Spring is the perfect time of year to travel. It's so easy, just decide where you want to go, and we'll sprinkle our magic and show you the best Easter flights for 2023. Destinations such as Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris and even Punta Cana or Havana! These are all wonderful places with their own charm. Which one would you like to discover? 

If you're looking for an Easter holiday with the children, we suggest travelling to Paris, where you can enjoy the French capital and its theme parks; or a trip to Madrid to visit museums with the kids or go to musicals. 

For a romantic Easter getaway, we recommend cities like Lisbon or Rome, beautiful cities packed full of culture. 

And if you want to go on a mega getaway, we have special "Easter flight offers" for destinations like Punta Cana, Havana, or Cancun. Stunning Caribbean destinations where you can get away from it all. 


Take advantage of our Easter flights and... pack your bags, we're off! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Easter Week 2023 will be from Sunday 2 April to Sunday 8 April.

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Yes! Hurry up as these are dates when most Spaniards have a public holiday, and the demand for change is very high.

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At the moment there is no strike planned for these dates.

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In fact, any destination is perfect for these dates, whether you are looking for a getaway to a European destination, or if you decide to cross the pond and enjoy a good holiday.

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