Air Europa SUMA Programme

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Enjoy your trip from the outset with our exclusive services. A programme with numerous partners where you can earn and use your SUMA Miles for your upcoming flights, accommodation, car rentals, and much more.

About us

Air Europa SUMA is a loyalty programme that offers many benefits. You earn Miles for flying with us from the moment your journey begins. Miles that you can use to fly again with Air Europa or any SkyTeam Alliance airline. We also work with a wide range of partners where you can also redeem your Miles for various products and services. 

Why become a SUMA member?


We offer the programme with the most benefits. Whenever you fly with Air Europa, you will earn Miles for every euro spent on your ticket. However, you can also earn more Miles depending on your selected cabin class and current SUMA level.

By joining the SkyTeam Alliance, you will also earn Miles for flights taken with our partner airlines. But that's not all. You can also earn Miles with the numerous partners that make up our programme for hotel stays, car rentals, Air Europa SUMA Visa card purchases, insurance, and much more. 


Our main goal is for SUMA members to enjoy a wide range of advantages from the moment they start their flight. Therefore, the SkyTeam Alliance Sky Priority service is available throughout the airport so you can avoid queues, relax in VIP lounges, and enjoy priority baggage claim.

We also look for the most relevant Partners so you can enjoy the best products and services in exchange for your SUMA Miles.​


We provide different channels so you can contact us and we can answer all your questions. Please see the SUMA section on the Air Europa website and Air Europa app, or contact our exclusive Customer Service by calling 911 360 200 (if you are calling from Spain). See other countries here.​


There are no class, airfare, or date restrictions for Air Europa flights redeemed with your Miles. If a seat is available, use your Miles to reserve it.

It's that easy!

Questions about personal data Air Europa SUMA

The Air Europa SUMA level assessment is based on the number of Miles earned and the number of flights taken, as shown in the following table:

Silver (Elite) 14 18,000
Gold (Elite Plus) 26 32,000
Platinum (Elite Plus) 50 60,000


* The number of Miles and flights must be registered within 12 consecutive months (not necessarily within the same calendar year). Your Level is increased automatically when you reach a certain number of flights or Miles. If your level does not increase within 12 months, the number of flights or Miles obtained during this period are reviewed to maintain or lower your level. If your level increases during the 12-month period, you will maintain this level for the following 12 months.

During this period, you can continue to increase your level and, once reached, you will maintain your new level for a further 12 months. Your card (virtual or physical) will indicate the expiry month and year of your level. Please note that not all Miles count towards level increases. Only Miles earned by flying with Air Europa or a SkyTeam Alliance airline are eligible. Any Miles earned by purchasing products or services provided by our partners are not eligible.

The number of Miles or eligible flights to access a higher level is calculated based on Miles transactions registered in your Air Europa SUMA account over the last 12 months.

Whenever a transaction is registered in your account, the calculation period is updated for a further 12 months. Therefore, the Miles are not retained.

Once you reach SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM status, you will stay at this level for the following 12 months. When you access a higher level, you do not lose the Miles or flights used to calculate this level. Instead, the Miles or flights apply for the calculation of the following 12 months. 

If your level does not increase during these 12 months, the number of flights or Miles earned over this period are reviewed to maintain or lower your level.