Regulations and recommendations



Health requirements

Sampling for SARS-CoV-2 (free of charge) randomly upon arrival.


Quarantine requirements

The following institutional isolation measures for international travellers will start at 00:00 hours on 6 February 2021:

- Institutional isolation will be implemented upon arrival of international travellers.

- In the case of tourists, businessmen, technicians and foreign aid workers, as well as foreign diplomatic personnel accredited in Cuba, accredited foreign press and official delegations that are approved to be received during the period, the Protocols approved by the MINTUR, MINCEX and MINREX, respectively, will be applied.

- The health collaborators and the rest of the OACE will be isolated in the capacities created in Havana and Matanzas, complying with all the established requirements.

- Foreign students and scholarship holders will be isolated in the institutions designated for this purpose by MINSAP and MES.

- The isolation of resident Cubans will be in centres set up in the provinces and will be free of charge, as well as transport to the centre and return to their residence once the isolation has been completed.

- In the case of foreigners and non-resident Cubans arriving in the country, they will be isolated in hotel facilities designated in each territory, with travellers bearing the cost of their stay and transportation.


Obligatory form

With effect from 23 January 2023 at 00:00 LT, all passengers must complete, within 48 hours prior to boarding the aircraft bound to the Republic of Cuba, the digital form D’Viajeros; and present upon arrival the QR code obtained at the end of this process, printed or on a mobile device.

Once the traveler has completed and submitted the form, he/she will receive by email a document in pdf format with a QR code that must be shown on a device or printed to accredited personnel upon arrival in the country.



We recommend that you check your hand luggage, so that there is as little contact with external objects inside the aircraft as possible. This service is free of charge as it belongs to Air Europa's security measures to prevent Covid 19.


Disinfectant gel transport

The limit for the transport in hand luggage of alcohol-based disinfectant gels for flights departing from Cuba, remains at 100 milliliters unit/per passenger.