Flights to Spain from other countries

Information on regulations for travelling from other countries.

Are there any restrictions on flying to Spain?

Restrictions have been lifted.

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Safety standards and liquids

Articles containing liquids or substances of similar consistency may be carried in a maximum of 10 containers of 100ml (1 litre in total).

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Travel Regulations

At Air Europa we are committed to safety and security, taking care of our customers and employees remains our No. 1 priority. If you need to consult more topics of interest related to COVID-19, we recommend you access our "you can be assured" section.

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Carry-on baggage

We recommend that you check your hand luggage, in order to make boarding and disembarking faster and safer, thus ensuring that there is minimum contact with external objects inside the aircraft. This service is free of charge as it is part of Air Europa's security measures to prevent Covid 19.