Regulations and recommendations

To be always informed consult the official information and/or entry restrictions to the country


Documentation requirements

All passengers must complete a health declaration form prior to the date of the flight at:

Access the Form

Passengers must present what proves the form has been completed to UX at acceptance point and to the Health Services on arrival in Tunisia, whether in digital version or paper.


Sanitary Requirements

Passengers under 18 years of age are exempt from the requirement to present SARS-CoV-2 virus test certificates, vaccination certificate and vaccination passport.

Passengers vaccinated and who are 18 years of age or older: Passengers must present the vaccination passport or a certificate showing completion of SARSCoV-2 vaccination for at least 28 days for the "Janssen" vaccine and 7 days for other vaccines.

Unvaccinated passengers 18 years of age or older: Passengers must present at the point of acceptance: a certificate showing a negative PCR test result with a completion date not exceeding 48 hours at the point of acceptance or a TDR-AG rapid test with a completion date not exceeding 24 hours.



Unvaccinated passengers 18 years of age or older must undergo a 5-day self-confinement period from the date of arrival in Tunisia.



We recommend that you check your hand luggage, in order to have the minimum contact with external objects inside the aircraft. This service is free of charge as it belongs to the security measures of Air Europa as prevention of Covid 19.


Transport of disinfectant gel

The limit for the transport in carry-on baggage of alcohol-based disinfectant gels for flights departing from Túnez is maintained at 100 milliliters.