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Buy or Give Air Europa Suma Miles

Exchange and earn miles simply with your Air Europa Suma card.

Air Europa Suma members can PURCHASE or GIFT Suma Miles to increase their Miles balance. With more miles, you can obtain products faster. Miles can be purchased or gifted through POINTS.COM, the leading platform in the sector providing this service to a multitude of Airlines across all 5 continents.

Purchase/Gift Suma Miles:

Suma customers can in each calendar year (january - december) perform the following operations, subject to the
 restrictions shown:

  • Buy up to 100,000 Miles / year.
  • Give another Air Europa Suma customer up to 100,000 Miles / year.
  • Receive from another Suma customer a gift of up to 100,000 Miles / year.


There is no limit on the number of purchases or gifts, only the number of Miles per calendar year.

Purchase or gift prices of Suma Miles per leg:

Base Miles Price in € Visa Air Europa Suma Promo, 20% extra Miles
1.000 22€ 1.200
3.000 60€ 3.600
5.000 100€ 6.000
7.000 126€ 8.400
10.000 180€ 12.000
15.000 255€ 18.000
20.000 340€ 24.000
25.000 400€ 30.000
30.000 480€ 36.000
40.000 600€ 48.000
50.000 750€ 60.000
60.000 900€ 72.000
70.000 1.050€ 84.000
80.000 1.200€ 96.000
90.000 1.350€ 108.000
100.00 1.500€ 120.000


Purchase /Gift Suma Miles



The price of the Miles is offered in Euros regardless of the customer's country of purchase or residence.
 Each customer will receive on their credit card the charge in their respective currency at the corresponding 
countervalue with the Euro.


Acceptance of the payment transaction is subject to POINTS.COM authorization.


Mileage accruals are made to the customer's account at the time of the transaction. To carry out this purchase/gift operation, the customer must be identified as a Suma customer with his/her USER AND PASSWORD.


To make the gift of Miles, the customer must indicate the Suma number of the customer receiving the gift.
The purchase and gift of Miles after confirmation of the operation by email to the client, is not changeable  or refundable. 
The purchased or gift of Miles are noted to the client as Suma Miles, and like those obtained with our non-airline Partners, 
are not Level Miles and therefore do not qualify for upgrading or maintaining the Suma Card tier level. Mile purchase
 and gift transactions are exempt from VAT. No invoices are issued for purchase or gift operations of Miles.


Customer service

  • Website:
  • Air Europa information and reservations: 911 1401 501
  • SUMA Customer Service: 911 360 200