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The offer has already ended

The Black Friday flight deals have ended


Ohhhh, our Black Friday flight offer has ended. We hope you took advantage of it, and if you missed it, don't worry, we have many more flight campaigns waiting for you. You'll have to wait until Black Friday 2024 to enjoy a unique opportunity to make your next adventures come true. We usually hold an exclusive web sale for Black Friday flights, although it takes place on November 29, 2024, where we offer discounts based on the fare.


Start packing your bags and planning your travel to some of our exciting destinations. On the next Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024, we will surprise you with amazing discounts and the best flight deals. Whether you dream of discovering exotic beaches, exploring cities, or visiting magical destinations, we have something special for every type of traveler looking for cheap flights for Black Friday.


Black Friday discounts of up to -25% on Air Europa flights

You're standing by your window, a cup of hot coffee in hand, watching the sun rise over landscapes you've never explored before. What destination comes to mind? With our Black Friday flights, it's your chance to turn those thoughts into reality!

We are thrilled to invite you on a unique journey filled with enticing flight discounts. From the majesty of mountains to the serenity of tropical beaches, our flights will bring you closer to those destinations you've always longed to visit. Imagine strolling through cobblestone streets, tasting exotic flavors, or immersing yourself in fascinating cultures. This is your chance to create unforgettable moments, connect with new people, and take away memories you'll cherish forever by booking our flights on Black Friday 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions about Black Friday

It is an American tradition that has been passed on to other countries. This date is one of the best days to find travel discounts and buy cheap flights on Black Friday.

Absolutely, flight prices do tend to decrease on Black Friday. This day is widely recognized for offering significant discounts and deals across various industries, including the airline industry. We provide special offers, reduced fares, and exclusive discounts on flights during the Black Friday period. It's a great time to keep an eye out for incredible deals and savings on airfares.

Yes, at Air Europa we offer special sales during Black Friday. This day has become an important occasion if you want to get better prices and significant discounts on flights. During Black Friday, we provide exclusive deals on airplane tickets for select destinations. It's the perfect opportunity to save on your next trip.

The discount applies on the fare basis in the promotional classes. It will not apply on taxes, fees or different charges to the fare.