Documentation for your trip

The requirements for entering and leaving each country may be different. One of said requirements concerns the documentation that proves the identity of each passenger.

Before travelling, it is the responsibility of each passenger to learn about the documents they need in order to visit the destination country. Since these documents vary according to origin, destination and dates, passengers are advised to speak with consulates of the countries they intend to visit before travelling.

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Online check-in

To check in online, you must enter:

- Booking reference or ticket number.

- The first surname of the passenger who wishes to check in. If it has 4 letters or fewer, the second surname must be added.



Online check-in


Check-in time limit

The time limit for checking in, unless otherwise specified (Lima: 90 min, Caracas: 120 min) will be a minimum of 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of intercontinental flights and 45 minutes for all domestic and European flights.

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Priority Boarding service

Avoid queues at check-in desks and boarding gates by purchasing the Priority Boarding service.

You can purchase it during the online booking process, at the airport sales offices or by contacting our Call Centre.

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