Valentine's Day 2024

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Looking for cheap flights for Valentine's Day?

Celebrate love with our Valentine's Day deals on flights that will make your heart beat harder! Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable by discovering unique destinations, surprises on board and irresistible deals on our romantic flights. We offer a wide range of options to turn your romantic getaway into an indelible memory. Let love take you to unimaginable heights while you explore destinations full of magic and romance. Fly with love and create memories for a lifetime!

It's time to prepare something different for Valentine's Day. Forget about traditional romantic plans, like a film and a blanket, dinner at your usual restaurant, red roses or a box of chocolates... Why not go on a romantic getaway with your partner or soulmate? Get a new experience! Take advantage of our Valentine's Day flights and enjoy a change, an adventure, or a trip with someone you love. Memories are made, and they're even better when you're in love.

Imagine surprising your loved one with a dream getaway. From idyllic beaches of golden sand and crystalline water, to charming cities, Air Europa offers a wide variety of romantic destinations. Discover love in every corner of the world with us, where the magic of the journey combines with unforgettable moments.

Want to surprise your partner during the flight? Surprise your loved one with special gifts on board. From thoughtful touches like watches or bracelets, to delicious snacks and meals, our team goes all out to make your flight a unique experience. Discover it with us!

Plan your romantic getaway worry-free with the flexibility of Air Europa. Don't miss the chance to make this Valentine's Day 2024 a memorable chapter in your love story. Book your cheap flights with us today and let's partner together on your romantic trip.

Find out how to turn this day into a magnificent experience with our Valentine's Day deals on flights.

Don't forget that love is in the air!

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  • Includes hand luggage with two pieces: carry-on bag of 10 kilos and 55 cm (height) x 35 cm (width) x 25 cm (length), and a handbag of 20 cm (height) x 35 cm (width) x 30 cm (length).
  • Only applicable to flights operated by Air Europa.
Frequently asked questions about Valentine's Day

We offer a wide variety of romantic destinations to celebrate Valentine's Day. From the charming streets of Paris to the Caribbean beaches of Punta Cana, there are options for every taste.

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If you're looking for warm and sunny weather in February, we suggest Caribbean destinations. These places offer a perfect atmosphere to enjoy romantic moments under the sun. Visit our flight pages to Cancun, Havana and Punta Cana for the best recommendations.

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Definitely! In each of our recommended destinations for Valentine's Day, we have compiled lists of charming activities and picturesque places to explore. Check out our Valentine's Day flight deals for these destinations on our website.

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You will find the best Valentine's Day flight deals by accessing our home page and in the Featured Sales section of the Offers menu.

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