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A more exclusive space, a larger, lie-flat seat, priority boarding and disembarking, and a 12-star Michelin menu.

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If you're eligible, you can bid to upgrade and benefit from flying in Business Class


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Enter your booking details in the form below to check eligibility.


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You decide what you're willing to pay by placing a bid to travel in Business class. Add your payment information (you will only be charged if your bid is accepted).


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If your bid is accepted, we will send you an email five and a half hours before the flight to let you know. Enjoy all the advantages of flying Business!

Benefits of travelling in Business

Make the flight the best part of your trip. With larger seats, an unforgettable dining experience and priority boarding. Oh! And access to VIP lounges.

Services per flight in

Business class

Long-haul flights

Business class check-in counters

VIP lounge access

Priority boarding and disembarking

Larger, more comfortable, lie-flat seats

Menu designed by chef Martín Berasategui, with 12 Michelin stars

Short- and medium-haul flights

Business class check-in counters

VIP lounge access

Priority boarding and disembarking

Seat in Business cabin

Bar service

Explore our seats

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Where do I find this number?

Didn't have time to make an offer?

You can contact our sales offices or Customer Service Centre* on +34911360350. If available, you can still enjoy Business Class at a very special price.

*Only valid for transoceanic (long-haul) flights and flights Madrid - Tel Aviv - Madrid, from 5 hours before departure until the gate closes. 


  • This service is available on flights with Business Class operated by Air Europa, and for tickets with a 996 number.
  • Acceptance of your offer will be advised by email between 24 hours and 5.5 hours before the flight's departure. You can make modifications and even cancel the upgrade at any time before it is accepted and confirmed.
  • Does not accumulate Suma miles.
  • The bid applies to all passengers on the booking per flight.
  • Any seat preferences (window or aisle) are not guaranteed. It depends on the availability.
  • If this Business service cannot be offered after confirmation, you will travel in Economy and the bid amount will be refunded.
  • The baggage allowance will be that included in your ticket. 
Do you have any doubts?

Plusgrade is a system through which you make a bid to fly in Business. Not all flights have the option to upgrade, so the passenger must first check if they are eligible.

When you place a bid, you have to specify the price you are willing to pay and provide your credit card details. Nothing will be charged to the card unless you win the bid.

You can bid up to 6 hours before your flight's scheduled departure time. Five and a half hours before the scheduled departure time, we will inform you by email of the result. If your proposal is accepted, we will charge the amount you indicated to your bank card. If your proposal is rejected, however, the tourist class seat you initially booked will remain available.

You can change or cancel any upgrade bid you placed up to 6 hours before your flight's departure. 

The upgrade bid is per flight segment and does not apply to connecting flights. Each eligible flight segment must be bid on separately. The bid also applies to all the customers who are shown on the original booking.

In order to upgrade, the passenger MUST have previously checked in the original booking (using any of the methods offered by the company).

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Buying a Business class ticket directly ensures you a seat in the Business cabin, and all of its advantages, including more luggage: check up to two 32-kg bags. The bidding process does not guarantee that Business class seats will be available, or that you will win the bid. You also won't know if you won until a few hours before the departure time. As for luggage, you are limited to your tourist class allowance, meaning you will not be entitled to carry more luggage.

Finally, any special requirements inserted in the original booking, such as requests for meals and seats, are not guaranteed in the upgraded booking.

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You can bid on a Business class seat up to 6 hours before your flight's departure.

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We will let you know if your bid was accepted by sending you an email 5 hours and 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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Yes, provided that Air Europa has not accepted the bid, i.e., 6 hours before departure time.

Once your bid is accepted, you will not be able to request a refund, transfer it or change it (i.e., change the date, flight or destination).

The upgrade bid can only be refunded if:

• The flight segment is cancelled by Air Europa and Air Europa cannot rebook its upgraded customers on an alternative flight in Business class.

• A delayed flight (connecting tickets) causes the customer to lose their connection and Air Europa cannot rebook customers with upgraded tickets on an alternative flight in Business class.

• Air Europa cannot accommodate customers with an upgraded booking in Business class due to operational or safety reasons that result in Business class seats not being available.

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Do you have a fear of flying? 

If the answer is yes, we can help you. Since 2009, Air Europa has been offering its "Losing the Fear of Flying" course with a success rate of almost 98%.

The "Losing the Fear of Flying" courses are run by Alfonso de Bertodano, a pilot with more than 28 years of experience and a Captain of Boeing 787 aircraft with over 15,000 flight hours. He is a psychologist (Licence No.: M-26714) and a fear of flying specialist. His combined knowledge of both fields, aviation and psychology, is one of the reasons why these courses are so successful.

The content is based on the most effective therapy techniques to overcome phobias and basic aviation knowledge covering every aspect of flying, operating procedures, meteorology, maintenance, and security measures used today. 

You will also learn exercises to control and manage your anxiety and have the chance to put them into practice on two round trip flights.

You will implement these techniques during the flights under the supervision of psychologists and Bertodano himself, who will explain all phases of the flight and any circumstances that may arise.

The course lasts for two days and is held in Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca.

For more information on the courses and dates available, please click here

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