Safety on board

Safety comes first. That is why Air Europa offers you all the information you need to have a safe trip.

Safety measures, liquids and others

The European Union (EU) has adopted safety measures that limit the amount of liquids.

Dangerous and forbidden objects

Some prohibited articles or substances can be transported in accordance with certain protocols.

Electronic devices

Information about the safety measures and use of electronic devices during flight.

Conditions for transporting batteries

Are you planning on bringing a battery-powered electronic device? See the information on transporting it in this section.

Aircraft disinsection

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the local health authorities require us to disinsect the cabin of the plane for flights to Asunción (ASU), Córdoba (COR) and Cancún (CUN). The agent PHENOTHRIN, used for aircraft disinsection, is not harmful to people and is used to control insect vectors of disease and help prevent the spread of diseases such as malaria.

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Dry Ice Transport

Air Europa allows the transport of up to 2.5 kg of dry ice per person, subject to authorisation. 

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Medicines in baggage

Medicines must be carried separately from hand luggage and checked baggage for rapid identification and must comply with the regulations on dangerous goods.

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Airport Assistance Service

We offer support over long distances, going up/down stairs or all the way to your seat on the plane.

You decide the type of assistance you would like.

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