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Galp and Air Europa SUMA

Exchange and earn miles simply with your Air Europa SUMA card.

Galp is an energy company that actively contributes to the economic development of the eleven countries in which it operates and to the social progress of the communities in which it is present. The company is an industry leader in global sustainability rates and directly employs 6,360 people.

It integrates various forms of energy, from electricity produced from renewables to natural gas and liquid fuels. As producers, they operate in the extraction of oil and natural gas from deposits located miles below the sea surface and are the largest Iberian producer of electricity from solar energy.


With a presence in Spain for 40 years, Galp has 2,230 employees in the country, a network of 570 service stations and a presence in gas, electricity, lubricants, marine, chemicals and aviation. The company continues to expand its presence in the Spanish market orienting its business to the satisfaction of the customer's needs. For more information:

All fuels from Galp give you the chance to earn SUMA Miles.  Each time you refuel at Galp service stations located in Spain and present the Air Europa SUMA card at the time of the transaction, you will earn 3 SUMA Miles for each liter of fuel.


*Maximum limit per day: 300 SUMA Miles. Maximum limit per month: 1,600 SUMA Miles.

Terms and Conditions

To earn Miles Air Europa SUMA Customers must present the card, either physical or virtual with QR when making the fuel payment at the Galp Service Stations included in the promotion.

Check HERE to see the map with the location of  all Gal Service Stations, identify the ones that are most convenient for you, the ones closest to your home or you frequently drive nearby.
On each purchase ticket the customer will receive the message of how many miles he has earned in the transaction.

Miles will normally be credited to the Air Europa SUMA account within 48 hours from the date of payment of the fuel.

To claim Miles not yet accrued you must contact the Galp Call Center: 902 372 902 or

If you want to  join and be a member of   the  Galp World Program and also earn points in this program, you  can register HERE. Remember that you will need to provide  both Cards or applications to score points in both programs.

Customer Service



Galp Call Center: 902 372 902

Air Europa Web :

SUMA Customer Service Center:

Air Europa SUMA phone: 911 360 200