Musical instruments

Flying with musical instruments has never been so easy.

Transporting in the cabin 

Musical instruments may be transported free of charge as a substitute for hand luggage, provided that their dimensions do not exceed 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm or 115 linear cm and do not exceed the maximum established weight of 10 kg.

 If the instrument exceeds the aforementioned limits, it may be transported as special cabin baggage by purchasing an additional seat.

Transporting in the hold 

Musical instruments may be transported for free instead of one of the checked bags in your baggage allowance, provided that they do not exceed the maximum size limit (158 cm in total: height x length x width) and weight limit (23 kg). If the flight to be taken allows passengers to purchase excess weight, once the payment is made, the maximum weight of the instrument will be increased to 32 kg.

If it exceeds the aforementioned measurements or weight and you want to carry it in the hold, it must be transported as special checked baggage.


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Whether your fare includes checked baggage or not, you can easily add extra baggage with Air Europa. You will only need the booking reference or ticket number and the surname of the person travelling.



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Valuables in baggage

If you are carrying valuable items in your baggage, you can register this circumstance by making a special value declaration.

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Prohibited objects

Blunt, spiked or sharp objects are some of the prohibited items in the aircraft cabin. For more information please see our section on "Prohibited objects". 

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