Quality, safety, R&D&I

At Air Europa, we are committed to an Integrated Management System founded on progress and trust.



Quality management system

Air Europa was certified under ISO 9000:1994 in 2001. This Certification demonstrates the correct adaptation of the implemented Quality System. Since that time, AENOR, a world-renowned Spanish company, has endorsed our quality system through annual audits. The standard has evolved, leaving behind Quality Assurance to make way for a Process Management System as per ISO Standard 9001:2008.

In 2006, Air Europa became the only Spanish airline with in-house handling and maintenance and now has all its activities certified under ISO Standard 9001:2008.


IOSA Operational Safety Audits

The International Air Transport Association, IATA, launched the IOSA Operational Safety Audit programme in 2001 to meet two specific aviation industry needs in the areas of cost-effectiveness and safety. The air transport industry is subject to a growing proliferation of audits that often overlap in their intent and content. IOSA is rectifying this situation by introducing a single common standard for this type of audit. Safety in airline operations remains the industry's highest priority.

Compliance with the IOSA program's recommended standards and practices helps airline companies to achieve operational safety in all key areas while operating more efficiently. As a commonly accepted audit program, IOSA can replace most shared code audits currently carried out. An airline company that has been audited and is in compliance with IOSA standards, projects a positive image about the integrity of its operations and its capabilities to manage the associated risk and drastically reduces the number of operational audits it must undergo.

IOSA represents operational excellence, and registered IOSA operators have greater potential for a range of opportunities (e.g., code sharing, crew leasing, aircraft leasing, etc.).


Research and development certificate

The applicable certification system is the General Certification Regulations of R&D&I Projects of the Spanish Innovation Certification Agency (ACIE).

Art. 35 of the Corporation Tax Act, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 4/2004, of 5 March, as well as Law 4/2008, of 23 December, with regard to the nature of R&D&I projects; and Royal Decree 1432/2003, of 21 November, regarding the issuance of a binding report by the Ministry of Industry for application in tax deductions in corporate tax.

The objective of the project is to implement and assess aeronautical communications, navigation and surveillance technologies before they become mandatory in Europe.

With regard to communications, it is a question of avoiding the current limitations of voice communication systems and frequency congestion by using advanced data link technologies.

Quality and environment policy
Operational safety policy
Information security policy
Air Europa environmental statement

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