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Any device that transmits or receives communications must remain in "Flight Mode". If your device does not have "Flight Mode", it must be turned off for the duration of the flight.

Check the different electrical appliances that can be used during the flight and their conditions here.

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Passengers can transport a drone if they meet the security terms and conditions for transporting lithium batteries.

The drone can be transported in the cabin as hand baggage provided that it does not exceed the hand baggage dimension and weight limits. 

In addition, you must inform the airline of the drone model and its technical specifications by sending an email to the following address: ssr.ux@air-europa.com

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Batteries are used to supply electrical current to the electronic devices we use daily. They can be made of different materials and sizes, so their method of transport may vary. 

Check the conditions for transporting them

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Dangerous goods are items or substances that are capable of putting health, safety, property, or the environment at risk.

They exhibit the following properties:  explosives, flammable and non-flammable gases and toxic gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidisers (oxidising agents), toxic and infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosive substances and other objects, including substances that are harmful to the environment, such as: lithium batteries, dry ice, magnetised material, combustion engines, genetically modified organisms, substances maintained at high temperatures, life-saving devices, consumer goods, chemistry sets, and first-aid kits.

These items or substances may NOT be transported in a passenger's luggage, unless otherwise indicated in the following link:


For more information, please send an email to: ssr.ux@air-europa.com

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