Codesforgifts and Air Europa Suma

Use your Suma Miles to enjoy an experience!

Codesforgifts is an experience platform that offers more than 2,400 options for every taste and time.

Feel like sailing in a kayak? taking up those yoga classes again? learning Mandarin Chinese? playing a game of paddle tennis? learning to play the guitar? a guided mindfulness session? sampling wines in a winery? would you rather pamper yourself with facial? We could bore you with a laundry list suggesting indoor, outdoor and indoor activities, but we'd rather you discover them for yourself.

Redeem your Suma Miles and explore a universe of options!

See the experiences available here.

Redeem your Suma Miles in our experience platform and you will get a valid gift code for a Codesforgifts Experience in all our categories:

• Sports and adventure (gym access, zumba classes, crossfit, tennis or paddle tennis court rentals, swimming, fitness, diving, boxing, paintball, archery, kayak, climbing, cardio, etc.)

• Beauty and health (yoga sessions, Reiki sessions, beard trimming, oral hygiene, manicure, eyebrow design, Tai chi, body and facial treatments, manicure, massage, UVA rays)

• Cuisine (visit to wineries, wine tastings, beer tastings, olive oil tastings, cheese and cider tastings, etc.)

• Entertainment and talent (dance classes, music or theatre classes, personal development, language courses, photography courses, coaching, office automation, etc.)

• Plans with family or friends (escape rooms, bowling, yoga classes for an adult and a child, pony rides for the little ones, guided tours, etc.)

60% of the experiences can be shared by 2 people!

Indoor, outdoor, online experiences. You decide!

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How do I get the Codesforgifts Experiences code?

You have to redeem Miles from the Air Europa website by logging into your Suma account.

We recommend you review the experiences in our catalogue before requesting your code.

1. Get your code:

2. The system will send you an email with the code you need to use to buy your experience on the Codesforgifts platform.

Important: The email will be sent to the account you used to register in Suma.

How do I use the Codesforgifts Experiences code?

Once you request your code and receive the email, you'll be ready to purchase your experience. To buy it:

1. Go to the email we sent you and select "USE YOUR CODE" or go to the Codesforgifts Experience exchange website

2. Find the experience you liked the most and redeem your gift code for the desired experience.

3. You'll receive the gift voucher to enjoy your experience by email.

4. Make your reservation directly with the centre using the details provided on your voucher, indicating that you have a Codesforgifts Experiences.

5. Enjoy your experience!



  • Codesforgifts Experience codes are valid for 6 months after you redeem your Suma Miles.

  • To enjoy the experience, you have to make your reservation with the partner centre or follow the steps specified based on the conditions detailed in the voucher.

  • The voucher does not give the right to receive the gift on a specific date; rather, it is subject to the partner's availability. Please keep the expiry date of the voucher in mind and make your reservation well in advance.

  • The voucher can only be used once and subject to the conditions detailed both on the website and the voucher.

  • If you make a reservation with a partner and do not show up on the agreed date and time, the partner will have the right to regard the voucher as used and you will not be able to use it again.

  • If you have more than one voucher, once you use one to receive a gift from a partner, you won't be able to redeem a new voucher with that same partner.

  • By using the voucher, you expressly and fully accept the General Terms and Conditions published at

Codesforgifts: Email:

Telephone: 917 945 463