Our greenest day

For the second year in a row, we are making Air Europa's greenest and fairest flight. We have implemented a series of measures to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Air Europa's most sustainable flight

Steps before the flight

Online check-in

We have promoted online check-in to reduce paper use for boarding cards.



We believe in an egalitarian future. Which is why the crew serving on this flight have been assigned equally.


Strategic location

Our new office is strategically located so that the crew can access the aeroplane directly by walking, without having to use a vehicle, thus making our operations centre more sustainable.

Electric vehicles

In all ground operations: in luggage loading, assistance to the aircraft and towing to the runway, the most efficient vehicles that Groundforce has deployed throughout its network of airports in Spain are used.

Air Europa's most sustainable flight

Steps during the flight

Renewable fuel

SAF, or sustainable aviation fuel, made from renewable materials such as non-food organic waste, will be used, thus promoting maximum circularity and sustainability.

Efficient route

Together with the competent authorities, we studied the most efficient and sustainable route for this flight. 


Continuous climb and descent

We are improving the climb and descent operations by using the most efficient method: continuous. 


Plastic free

We have cut the use of plastics on board. The glasses, cutlery and food containers are biodegradable.


Recycled paper

The menu has been printed on recycled paper. This avoids using the water and energy that are required to make new paper.

Waste sorting

All the waste that is generated during the flight is deposited separately into the relevant containers, as is done on all Air Europa flights.

Local catering

We offer certified fresh products served in reusable containers in order to generate the smallest environmental footprint, minimising the impact caused by fuel consumption.

Catering trolleys

Our new, lighter, catering trolleys help make the flight more sustainable.


Electronic Flight Bags

Replacing paper manuals with electronic devices has allowed us to reduce paper consumption by more than 25%.


Air Europa's most sustainable flight

Steps after the flight

Waste sorting

All the waste that is generated will be recycled at the corresponding waste management plants, as is the case with all Air Europa flights.

Electric vehicles

More efficient vehicles are used for ground handling operations after landing, such as to unload baggage.

Make your flight even more sustainable

A more sustainable trip begins when you leave home and head to the airport. Travel on public transport.


Use digital solutions. Download your boarding card on your mobile. It's more convenient and cuts down on paper use.


Go into the On-board menu and reserve a meal and other products for your next flight. This reduces food waste and the weight of the aeroplane.

Consider going with a vegetarian option on your next flight (available on all our long-haul flights).


Use your own headphones. When you travel on our long-haul flights, bring your own headphones. This reduces waste generation.

Reduce light pollution. If you're going to sleep, we recommend turning off the light. That way, you can rest properly.


Don't miss the opportunity to use your Miles to plant a tree in the Air Europa Suma Forest.