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It is not possible to purchase additional hand luggage.

However, you can consider the option of purchasing additional checked bags on our website or by contacting us through our Customer Service, Facebook or Twitter

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In addition to hand luggage, two ensaimadas (packaged together) can be taken per passenger.

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Certain items, such as walking sticks and beach umbrellas, can be transported in reasonable quantities on certain flights at no additional cost. These items must not exceed 120 cm in length. 

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  • Each passenger can carry their medication in the cabin, provided that they comply with the applicable operational security rules, airport security and dangerous goods regulations.
  • Syringes and any other injection instruments are not on the list of prohibited items in the cabin. They will therefore be accepted in the cabin and in the hold. However, in order to be able to insert hypodermic needles in the cabin, a medical certificate must be presented at the time of check-in.
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A foldable umbrella or camera can be taken as an accessory in addition to your hand luggage.

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In addition to your hand luggage, you can take one of the following items on your flight:

  • a handbag,
  • a laptop,
  • a tablet.

This additional item must fit under the seat in front of you and not exceed the following dimensions:  20 cm (high) x 35 cm (wide) x 30 cm (long).

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Air Europa allows passengers to take food to eat during the flight in accordance with the fluid restriction safety regulations.

It should be noted that the destination country may prohibit the introduction of certain types of food into its territory. We recommend contacting the competent authorities of the country to find out the limitations related to the transportation of perishable food. Any type of food that is carried in checked baggage must be properly packed to prevent accidents (they will travel under the passenger's responsibility).

There are strict procedures for the import of certain animal products (meat, milk and products based on them) in the European Union and other countries, as they can carry pathogens responsible for contagious diseases.

We strongly recommend that you contact customs or the competent authorities before travelling to ensure that this food is allowed to be introduced.

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You can view the baggage allowance for your booking by going to:


Depending on your selected airfare and route, you can purchase additional baggage online or at the Air Europa office in the airport.


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It is compulsory to declare amounts in excess of EUR 10,000. In this case, you must go to the office located in Customs, Room 1, Terminal 1 in Madrid.

More information here.

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Download the PDF to find out what you can and can't carry in your baggage: money to be declared, prohibited items, recommendations before flying, etc.


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