Types of SUMA Cards and Advantages

Discover the benefits of being a SUMA member.


suma   Priority in waiting lists.
suma   Exclusive telephone service.

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SUMA Silver

suma_silver   Priority boarding.
suma_silver   Free seat selection.
suma_silver   Priority in waiting lists.

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suma_gold   Access to VIP lounges.
suma_gold   Free seat selection.
suma_gold   Priority boarding.
suma_gold   Fast Track access.

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SUMA Platinum

suma_platinum   Upgrade to Business class.
suma_platinum   Access to VIP lounges.
suma_platinum   Preferential seat selection.
suma_platinum   Priority boarding.
suma_platinum   Fast Track access.

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Comparison of cards

Each of our cards offers advantages that
will make your trip more enjoyable.

Exclusive service hotline suma suma_silver suma_gold suma_platinum
Priority waiting list suma suma_silver suma_gold suma_platinum
Free extra luggage 1 suma_silver suma_gold suma_platinum
Free choice seat  2 suma_silver suma_gold suma_platinum
Business Class desk Check-in suma_silver suma_gold suma_platinum
Priority boarding suma_silver suma_gold suma_platinum
Bonus level suma_silver suma_gold suma_platinum
Priority baggage collection suma_gold suma_platinum
Priority at sales offices suma_gold suma_platinum
Fast Track/Lane Acces suma_gold suma_platinum
Guaranteed place in tourist class 3 suma_gold suma_platinum
Access to VIP Lounges 4 suma_gold suma_platinum
Upgrade to Business 5 suma_platinum

SUMA Card Conditions

The validity of the Silver, Gold and Platinum level is 12 months from the day each level is achieved.

SUMA Miles will expire after 24 months of inactivity

1 With Suma Silver, Gold and Platinum cards, 1 additional hold baggage is offered.

2 Standard seat allocation is free for Silver Suma customers when the seat reservation is made during the 48 hours prior to the flight. For Gold and Platinum Suma members all seat allocations are free of charge. 

3 Booking class Y, full tourist rate.

·         On ALL Air Europa flights.

·         On SkyTeam international flights.

In both cases it must be requested 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

4 Gold and Platinum customers have access to lounges on international flights or connecting flights (on the same day) to/from an international flight operated by Air Europa or any SkyTeam Alliance airline. Entry is permitted with a companion travelling on a flight operated by any Alliance airline.

5 Upgrades to Business Class are subject to space until confirmed at the boarding desk on a first-come, first-served basis. On intercontinental flights, 2 upgrades are permitted during the Platinum Card's validity. They must be requested up to 24 hours before the flight by calling 911 360 200. The Business services to which the SUMA Platinum customer will be entitled are all those associated with Onboard Business Service such as: exclusive menu (subject to availability), welcome service and in-flight entertainment.

How to upgrade your level


Upgrading your level is simple, we offer you different ways

1. Flights

Access to a higher level is available when flying with Air Europa, as well as on SkyTeam alliance airlines.


Silver (Elite) 14
Gold (Elite Plus) 26
Platinum (Elite Plus) 50


*The number of Miles and flights must be registered within 12 consecutive months (not necessarily within the same calendar year).

2. Level Miles

The Miles that count towards accessing a higher level can be earned on flights operated by Air Europa or any SkyTeam Alliance airline.​

Any Miles earned through other programme partners that have not already been mentioned.​

Level Miles are NOT redeemable like SUMA Miles.

The following number of Miles are required to access each programme level:​

LEVEL Level Miles
Silver (Elite) 18.000
Gold (Elite Plus) 32.000
Platinum (Elite Plus) 60.000



Questions about program benefits

Members of the Air Europa SUMA program have exclusive discounts on the purchase of seats. Check your discount in the table found in the Seats section.

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Air Europa SUMA customers have different ways to upgrade their ticket to Business class. Click on the option that most interests you to find out the details:

13.1. At a very special and exclusive price, from €250 each way. More info.

13.2. Redeeming your Air Europa SUMA Miles. More info.
13.3. In addition, SUMA Platinum customers will be able to enjoy exclusive Upgrades to Business Class, subject to space. More info.

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For the evaluation of the Air Europa SUMA level, both the number of Miles earned and the number of flights performed are taken into account, as shown in the following link:

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