Check baggage to final destination

If you are going to take several flights and want to check your bags through to the final destination, we recommend you read this section.

What you need to know

The option of checking your baggage through to your final destination depends on the selected route and airlines operating the flights:

  • Combination of flights operated by Air Europa and another airline. You will need to contact our Customer Service or on Facebook or Twitter within 48 hours of your flight's departure. to see if you can check your baggage through to the final destination.
  • All your flights are operated by Air Europa, but they are on different bookings or tickets. You can send your baggage through to the final destination. To do this, you must inform an agent at the check-in desks.
  • All your flights are operated by Air Europa and are on the same booking and ticket, it will go directly to the final destination. Therefore, there is no need to contact us to request this service.


  • Destinations where passengers are required to check their luggage at the first point of entry to the country and pass through customs: Ezeiza, Guarulhos, Salvador de Bahía, Montevideo, Lima, Caracas, Cancún, Santiago de Chile, New York and Miami.
  • Baggage can only be checked through to your final destination for flights operated by the airline Amaszonas to Cochabamba or La Paz with a stopover in Viru Viru.
  • Baggage cannot be checked through to your final destination if you have to travel to a different airport for a connecting flight (Ezeiza-Aeroparque, Orly-Charles de Gaulle).
  • It is not possible to check-in through to the final destination if a train or bus ride is included in the booking.
  • For stopovers in Madrid between T4/T4S and T1/T2/T3, luggage will have to be collected and checked again.

Are you carrying any liquids in your baggage?

Items containing liquids or substances of similar consistency may be carried, with up to a maximum of 10 containers of 100 ml (1 litre in total).

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Prohibited objects

Blunt, spiked or sharp objects are some of the prohibited items in the aircraft cabin. For more information please see our section on "Prohibited objects". 

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Valuables in baggage

If you are carrying valuable items in your baggage, you can register this circumstance by making a special value declaration.

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