Vehicle partners

Sixt and Air Europa SUMA

Exchange and earn miles simply with your Air Europa SUMA card.

Sixt is one of the largest European vehicle rental companies with over 1,500 branches just in Europe. Sixt has branches in the world's most popular tourist destinations, airports, railway stations, and city centres. The company offers its customers a wide range of services and vehicles anywhere in the world. Whether you need a GPS device, a child seat or an additional insurance policy, our staff will be happy to attend to you and answer all your questions. Sixt is ready to accompany you on your travels through Europe.

Sixt is an official Air Europa SUMA Partner, solely valid for exchanging or redeeming SUMA Miles.

Customers of the Air Europa SUMA loyalty program can earn up to 1,500 Miles on a single car rental with  Sixt at any of its
 offices or on the web at

In the event that the contracting channel is the SIXT website, the customer can obtain them:



Rent duration Categories: MINI, ECO (E - C - I - M - S) Categories: PREMIUM, LUXURY (P - X - L)
1 - 3 days 750 SUMA Miles 1.000 SUMA Miles
4 - 6 days 1.000 SUMA Miles 1.250 SUMA Miles
7 days or longer 1.250 SUMA Miles 1.500 SUMA Miles





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In the event that the contracting channel is the SIXT website, the customer can obtain them:



Rental duration Categories
1 - 3 days 500 SUMA Miles
4 - 6 days 750 SUMA Miles
7 days or longer 1.000 SUMA Miles

Terms and conditions

  • Fees for individuals, either for private rentals or with a company agreement, with a minimum term of one (1) day and a maximum term of (28) days, will generate Miles.
  • The Premium and Luxury categories are identified by the letters: P, X and L in the first position of the 4 letters that determine the vehicle category.
  • To earn Miles, the main driver must be the SUMA member
  • Mile-earning promotions cannot be combined or accumulated
  • Miles are recorded on a weekly basis and earned at the end of the rental period upon return of the vehicle. Certain fees, for example, long-term rentals, some corporate fees, lorry rentals, wholesaler fees, and rentals with a total invoice amount under €25 or the equivalent in the local currency, do not earn miles.
  • Cancelled reservations or the client's failure to turn up will not generate SUMA Miles.
  • Taxes, excess loads, optional or additional services can be excluded from earning SUMA Miles, in accordance with the terms and conditions of SIXT. For further information, please see the SIXT General Terms and Conditions here:
  • Non-credited Miles can be claimed here up to six months after the rental.
  • If you would like to receive the benefits of the SIXT card, request one here

Customer Service

Telephone: SIXT customer service line (Spain): 902 107 326
International telephone: + 49 (0) 89 66 060 060
Air Europa SUMA telephone: 911 360 200 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm)​