Cognitive and sensory assistance

We are at your disposal to offer you support in any communication or guidance needs.

Cognitive assistance

At Air Europa we are delighted to guide and assist passengers with cognitive and developmental difficulties by accompanying the passenger to the aircraft door for departure, to the airport exit upon arrival or to connecting flights.

If the passenger is under 12 years of age when travelling on a domestic flight, less than 15 years of age on an international flight or has difficulty understanding the instructions given by Air Europa staff, they will have to fly with a capable companion. 

The service is completely free of charge.

You can obtain more information or request the service by contacting our Call Centre.

Sensory assistance

Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service or airport staff if you require assistance.

Our staff is trained to use communication methods with people with hearing, communication or visual difficulties. It does not necessarily involve knowledge of sign language. If you need it, we will help you to board/disembark or guide you to connecting flights.


Are you carrying any liquids in your baggage?

Items containing liquids or substances of similar consistency may be carried, with up to a maximum of 10 containers of 100 ml (1 litre in total).

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Child restraint systems

Minors travelling in their own seat may use fastening devices suitable for their age, provided that they are certified and fit the seat. 

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Prohibited objects

Blunt, spiked or sharp objects are some of the prohibited items in the aircraft cabin. For more information please see our section on "Prohibited objects". .

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