Special meals

Do you have any type of dietary needs? We offer a wide variety of customised options for you.

Acceptance policy

Air Europa can serve and/or offer products on board with ingredients that may contain allergens for some passengers with some type of intolerance or allergy, including trace amounts. It is the passenger's responsibility to carry the appropriate medication and other protective measures that may be required during the flight.

For your own security, take into account the following warnings and duties:

  • If you suffer from any type of allergy or intolerance, you should always take the necessary medication with you, including injectable medications, as you would in any other circumstance.
  • If you suffer from an allergy or intolerance to a certain type of food, including nuts, we cannot guarantee that the menu offered is free of these, as it is impossible for Air Europa to guarantee this circumstance with food supply companies (catering) and/or sub-contracted suppliers. It is also not possible to guarantee that other passengers are not carrying food containing the products and/or derivatives to which you are allergic or intolerant.
  • We inform you that we do not have "allergy-free zones". While our aircraft are cleaned regularly in accordance with the regulations and uses of the air transport sector, said cleaning does not guarantee the elimination of these allergens. Furthermore, the air filters on the aforementioned aircraft have not been designed to remove such substances. With this in mind, we cannot ensure their absence or exposure on board the flight, and, therefore, we urge you to take the necessary medical precautions in the event of exposure.
  • As a sign of our concern for your well-being and with your prior authorisation, passengers sitting in nearby seats will be informed in an effort to prevent the consumption of products that may cause any type of reaction.
  • Children who are extremely allergic to food (including nuts) cannot travel as an unaccompanied minor.

The special meals that Air Europa can confirm are those recognised by IATA; to consult availability depending on the type of flight and class in which you are travelling, please contact our Customer Service.

Types of special meals

On transatlantic flights and in Business Class on medium-haul flights, we offer a free menu prepared by our catering service. In addition, we have special menus that adapt to the needs of all passengers on transatlantic flights from Madrid and in Business Class on medium-haul flights, which are suitable for most allergies and intolerances.

To enjoy them, they must be requested at least 24 hours before departure.*

These are the special meals we offer:

Diabetic High fibre, low-fat and without added sugars. Between 600 and 800 calories per meal.
Gluten free Does not contain gluten in any ingredients.
Low salt No added salt or foods. with high salt content. Maximum of 120 mg of sodium per 100 g of food.
Low fat Rich in complex carbohydrates. High in fibre. Low in saturated fats. Maximum 3 g of fat per 100 g of food.
Low calorie Rich in complex carbohydrates. High in fibre. Low in fat. Fewer than 400 calories per meal.
Bland meal Does not contain products that irritate the stomach.
Lactose fee Does not contain dairy products and their derivatives.
Vegetarian Lacto-ovo vegetarian.
Strict vegetarian Vegan meal (does not contain dairy products)
Hindu vegetarian (only available in Business Class) A vegetarian meal with spices and dairy.
Asian vegetarian (only available in Business Class) Vegetables and fruit with an Asian-style preparation
Raw fruit and vegetables (only available in Business Class) Combination of raw fruit and vegetables.
Fresh fruit (only available in Business Class) Locally grown fresh fruit.
Kosher meal Food selected, prepared and served to comply with Jewish dietary restrictions.
Muslim meal Food selected, prepared and served to comply with Muslim dietary customs and laws.
Hindu meal Food prepared according to Hindu customs, complying with Hindu dietary practices and beliefs.
Jain meal Food prepared in the Indian style according to Jain customs and respecting Jain dietary practices and beliefs.
Children's meal Soft and easy to eat. Familiar and fun food for children.
Baby meal Baby food (jars).
Made with fish and seafood (only available in Business Class) All types of fish and seafood.

*Business Class : SPML meals (without specific IATA codes) must be ordered at least 48 working hours before departure.
*Economy Class: SPML meals (without specific IATA codes) must be ordered at least 72 working hours before departure (only applies to Long Haul flights.

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