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It's time to prepare something different for Valentine's Day. Forget about traditional romantic plans, like a movie and a blanket, dinner at your usual restaurant, red roses or a box of chocolates... Why not go on a romantic getaway with your partner or soulmate? Get a new experience! Take advantage of our offers on flights for Valentine's Day 2023, and enjoy a change, an adventure, or a trip with someone you love. Memories are made, and they're even better when you're in love. Air Europa has the best Valentine's Day flights, so you can enjoy an incredible destination at the best price.


Don't forget that love is in the air!

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Frequently asked questions about Valentine's Day,

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 at 12:01 AM CEST (time in mainland Spain).
These deals will be available on Air Europa's direct sales channels (website, offices and telephone service center).

Only applicable on flights operated by Air Europa.

The discount is applicable to the base fare in the classes offered. It will not be applied to non-fare fees, taxes or charges.

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