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Earn Miles with Global Exchange Group

Exchange and earn miles simply with your Air Europa SUMA card.

The Global Exchange Group is a Spanish multinational company specialising in foreign currency exchange services for tourists in international airports and other popular tourist areas. It operates in 20 countries on all five continents and has a network of 230 branches in 55 international airports, serving 4.8 million customers annually. It is ranked among the top three companies worldwide in the foreign exchange sector and it is a leading company in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Global Exchange is an official Air Europa SUMA Partner, solely valid for exchanging or redeeming SUMA Miles.

Due to the current situation of COVID 19, the earning of Miles has been temporarily suspended in foreign exchange operations carried out on Global Exchange from October 23rd, 2020 to July 23rd, 2022.

Any changes in this regard will be notified in this same section of information about Global Exchange.

Customers will be able to have their currency delivered conveniently to their home address or local post office. Currency can be requested online or in person at Global Exchange branches.

Earning SUMA Miles online

  • On the Global Exchange website (, customers should select: the currency, the desired amount and the delivery method, either to their home address or a post office.

  • When entering their delivery information on the order confirmation page, the customer should select and enter their Air Europa SUMA card number to earn up to 1,700 miles for currency exchanges.

Earn SUMA Miles at Global Exchange branches:

  • If the currency exchange is made at a Global Exchange branch in Spain, customers can earn up to 1,200 miles.
  • List of branchsed here
  • Request currency exchange here.

With home delivery or withdrawals at a post office
Withdrawal at branch
€300 500 350 400 Miles
€600 750 500 500 Miles
€1,200 1,125 750 1,200 Miles

More information on earning SUMA Miles:

  • To earn Miles, you must present your Air Europa SUMA card when making the exchange operation at Global Exchange branches. Exchange operations can only be made by the Card holder. When carrying out online operations, customers must enter their card information to place an order.
  • Customers have 15 days in order to carry out a refund of the exchange. The Miles will be credited to the customer after these 15 days.
  • To claim SUMA Miles that have not been credited or for any other procedures, customers should call the Global Exchange customer service department: 900 855 550. The maximum term for claiming SUMA Miles that have not been credited is 3 months from the date of the exchange.
  • These terms and conditions are applicable to Global Exchange group branches in Spain. See the countries joining this money exchange service from this website. 

For more information, please contact the Air Europa SUMA Customer Service:

  • Tel. 911 360 200