Travelling with minors can be simple. Air Europa provides you with all the information you need so that your family can travel with total comfort and peace of mind.

Children between 0 and 2 years old

Minors who have not reached the age of 2 on the date of the flight must travel in the same seat as the accompanying adult.

Menores de 0 a 2 años

Babies (under the age of 2) are entitled to 1 x 10 kg piece of hand luggage. Additionally. they can check in 1 x 10 kg piece of baggage in the hold, provided that an adult has purchased a fare that includes checked baggage. Furthermore, they can carry one of the following items:

  • A foldable pushchair when travelling with children up to 4 years old.
  • A baby carrier.
  • A baby car seat.

These last two items can be carried under the seat or in the luggage compartment, provided that they respect the maximum dimensions allowed in the cabin. Otherwise, this baggage will travel in the hold. 

The option to increase the weight of suitcases that exceed 10 kg to a maximum of 23 kg is available by paying EUR 30 / GBP 30 / 30 USD / CHF 30. If they are between 23 kg and 32 kg, the cost will be EUR 60 / GBP 60 / USD 60 / CHF 60. Additional baggage cannot be purchased on behalf of the baby.

Each adult can travel with a maximum of two children under 2 years old; in this case:

One child must travel in the same seat as the adult wearing a special safety belt provided by the Air Europa crew.

The other child must travel in an adjacent seat in an approved child seat. In the latter case, the seat price for children between 2 and 11 years old will apply.

Children between 2 and 11 years old

  • They will travel in their own seat and may check the same baggage as an adult, but they will not be able to travel in emergency exit seats.
  • There is no limit on the number of children between 2 and 11 years travelling on board.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult travelling in the same cabin, who is at least 18 years old. The accompaniment service must be requested for any minors travelling alone.
Menores de 2 - 11

Children travelling alone

Menores solos
  • You must request these services in advance and provide the contact information of the people responsible for dropping off and collecting the child.
  • The unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for children between 5 and 11 years old, inclusive, on domestic flights and up to 14 years old, inclusive, on international flights.
  • Only a person aged 18 or older can take care of a minor.
  • The YOUNG PEOPLE service is optional for children between 12 and 17 years old on domestic flights and between 15 and 17 years old on international flights.
  • There is a maximum limit of children who can travel alone on each flight.
  • Air Europa will only accept unaccompanied minors on connecting flights when the connection time is under 5 hours.
  • The boarding card must be obtained at the airport check-in desks. The child's companion will be provided with a temporary boarding pass so that they can accompany the child to the boarding gate. If you do not follow the child to the boarding gate, you must stay at the airport until the flight departs. 
Inter-island flights for the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands €10 -
Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands €35 / $40 / £25 / CHF 35 €60 / $65 / £43 / CHF 60
Canary Islands, Europe, and Africa €60 / $65 / £43 / CHF 60 €80 / $90 / £60 / CHF 80
Long haul €90 / $100 / £64 / CHF 90 €120 / $130 / £85 / CHF 120

* Prices subject to possible surcharges for taxes in certain countries.

Guardians of unaccompanied minors must complete the following online form and present it at the airport:

Child data form

Minors travelling in groups

Grupo de menores

Different types of distribution between minors and adults:

  • Groups of up to 23 children must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.
  • Groups of between 24 and 35 children must be accompanied by at least 2 adults.
  • Groups of 36 to 47 children must be accompanied by at least 3 adults.
  • Above this number, one adult will be required for every 12 additional children.

Child restraint systems

Minors travelling in their own seat may use fastening devices suitable for their age, provided that they are certified and fit the seat. 

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Documentation for children

For minors, there are specifications regarding the documentation necessary to fly, which vary according to nationality and requirements of the countries involved in the trip. We explain the details in our section "Documentation for Minors".

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Trained companion

It will not be necessary to fly with a trained companion if the passenger can act individually in the event of an emergency and is over 12 years of age on domestic flights or 15 years of age on international flights.

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